Rocla automation solution increases safety and reduces costs at Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper

Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper produces offset and rotogravure papers on two paper machine lines for both reels and sheets. In the sheet department they are using 3 Rocla AGVs to handle all the loading transportation.

- Our installation is demanding, and the function of the AGVs should be as serious as it can be. On one hand we have the big amount of pallet sizes, and on the other hand we also have to make the stacks stable, explains Mr. Michael Rudat, Logistics Manager of Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper.

- The main goal for the automation project was to reduce costs. The project was made in time by Rocla, and Rocla is our main supplier for both the AGVs and the warehouse management system, says Mr. Rudat.

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