IDO's transport capacity increased by 15 % with Rocla route optimizer

IDO is a Finnish producer of sanitary ware. Besides Finland the company operates in other Nordic countries and in the Baltics. IDO is a part of Geberit Group. The company manufactures its products in the most modern factories, one of which is located in Tammisaari, Finland.

IDO was chosen as a pilot project for Rocla's new innovation Rocla route optimizer. With the new software IDO was able to increase capacity with 15 %.

"The new innovation Rocla route optimizer did not require any changes physically in our production. The AGVs are exactly the same and also the drop and pick points are the same. This was implemented during normal production. The complete process was in the hands of Rocla engineers, so it went very smoothly. This new  software is more intelligent and we have a benefit of 15 % more capacity. First of all you have to say thank you to Rocla for choosing us a pilot plant, we are very pleased with that. Also it is very nice to see the AGVs driving around more smoothly and in a more clever way", explains Karl-Erik Wikström, Technical Manager.