Pallet Drive-in Racking

This application is great for storing high number of pallets in small area. The automatic operation results in high efficiency and safety.


  • High density storage system
  • Increased safety
  • Optimal use of floor space

Description of the application

The racks consists of aisles and levels. The aisles are where pallets are stored from the long side one after one. The levels start from ground level and there can be several levels, depending on the case.

The racks are ideal storing for high number of pallets per item, i.e. Stock Keeping Unit, SKU. The racks suit well for low to medium inventory turnover levels.

The Drive-In racks can be used for instance for finished goods, packing material, raw material or semi-finished goods.

The Drive-In racks are loaded and unloaded with Rocla AGV from the same side resulting in a Last-In-First-out LIFO inventory system. Another variation of the rack system is Drive-Through racks were it is possible to drive through the racks making it possible to operate those as FIFO, First-In-First-Out. In the latter case the racks are loaded from one side and emptied from the opposite side.

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