Case: Valtra

Valtra, a manufacturer of tailor-made tractors that is part of AGCO Group, has automated its assembly line with an automation solution from Rocla. Well-balanced production, flexibility, and a need for minimal buffer stock were important issues when Valtra was choosing a more effective operation method for its assembly factory.

The AGV solution at Valtra encompasses several AGVs, Rocla AWTs and ATXs, a warehouse management system, and warehousing solutions. The automated warehouse system brings the right axle components to the tractor assembly lines when they are needed. Concentrating on final assembly and essential components has increased the work flow for this assembly line considerably. Thanks to the system, personnel are free to move from routine transfers to more productive work.  In addition to its main task, the AGV system is being programmed to feed also heavy components to the beginning of the assembly line. In addition, it will become possible to expand the system to correspond with changes in production.

Rocla MetRO, a warehouse management system that was installed as part of the existing production management system, controls the movement of the AGVs. In daily work, the Rocla AGVs move fully independently.

Mr Sami Savolainen, a development engineer with Valtra, is glad of the improved work safety generated by the AGV. The safety devices detect its environment and ensure that the automated truck stops when faced with obstacles.

Valtra has now added another automated application to its system too, the Rocla ATX. These vehicles have the information about the components needed for radiators, and the worker will collect them from the shelves, placing them on a rack on the vehicle. Rocla MetRO, the above-mentioned warehouse management system, controls the lights flashing on the shelf, to indicate which parts to collect. ATXs then bring all the parts to the assembly station. This way, the productivity of the assembly work is increased greatly. There are almost 80 distinct radiator configurations used in Valtra’s tractors, so getting the right parts for the relevant model simultaneously to assembly saves substantial time for the assembler. It also reduces the likelihood of errors.

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