Case: L’ Imprimerie

L’Imprimerie is part of the Riccobono Imprimeurs group which is the leading printing house in France. One of the biggest daily newspapers in France, Le Figaro, is printed in the Tremblay-en-France site. With Rocla AGVs L’Imprimerie is able to print in an economical way.

At L’Imprimerie reel logistics is handled by six Rocla AGVs. The AGVs are interfaced with KBA printing press and a roll handling systems as Rocla has done co-operation with this offset system provider for over 10 years. Rocla’s expertise in print house AGV applications has resulted in several dozen successful installations, one of which is L’Imprimerie.

The importance of environmental protection issues led L’Imprimerie to choose Koenig & Bauer Group’s (KBA) waterless offset system Cortina. Rocla with its unique AGV system has been a partner of KBA in paper printing installations already for over a decade. Thanks to that co-operation, L’Imprimerie received “a turnkey project” in reel logistics from KBA. Rocla and KBA have carried out almost 20 printing house projects together since the beginning of 2000’s. Thanks to this fruitful co-operation, the two companies have created a well-functioning and competitive solution for printing houses.

- Several newspapers are printed at our Tremblay-en-France site. Our biggest product is Le Figaro which is one of the biggest daily newspapers in France. We print it about 300 000 copies per night, Mr. Gilles Dechamps explains.

The day of an AGV starts at noon when the production begins to prepare itself for the night production. The AGVs transport the reels from the main warehouse to feed the production line. At that time there are only one or two persons working in the warehouse area so that the AGVs work alone. The newspaper production begins at 9pm and it continues until 4 o’clock in the morning. After the newspapers have been made ready for transport, the AGVs clean out the garbage into trash cans.

- During a week we consume approximately 240 paper reels of 5 different reel sizes, Mr. Dechamps estimates.

L’Imprimerie is satisfied with the whole assembly project delivered by KBA. The project included the printing press, the AGVs, an MPS roll handling system from company ABB as the warehouse management system (WMS) and an automated waste handling system for brown/white paper and reel cores. The co-operation provided l’Impremerie a quick installation of AGVs, printing machines and reel handling. Also, the customer didn’t have to worry about interface or communication problems between different systems.