Calculate Your Cash Flow

Find out here how quickly the system pays for itself!

To achieve the competitive edge and succeed in today’s highly competed world, companies and individuals working for the companies need to do their best. Unfortunately, stress is increasing rapidly at the same time. It is time to see how much it is possible to achieve the competitive edge and lower stress with Rocla Solutions.

With Competitive Edge Calculator or CEC you can easily calculate how much additional profit you can make each year. The CEC will tell you how much more you can earn, how fast the solution has paid itself back. What will you do with the extra 2 000 000 Euros earned with Rocla Solutions?

There are three different pre-set options for you to choose and get quick results. The options are:

Small business – few operators, few forklifts
Medium business – more operators, intensive work
Large business – a lot of operators, highly intensive work

Choose one of the options and adjust the figures according to your status and situation. You can see the results right below the input fields. Just go and try yourself to see the results! You can also download a copy of the results for later use.

You like us, want to succeed! Join the team of success like Planmeca, Valio, Stora Enso, Swisslog and other our successful customers have already done. The values below are pre-set examples, so please fill in your own numbers to find out your case-specific time for return on the AGV investment. You can also receive your case-specific results by e-mail, by clicking the 'Download results' button.