Rocla Warehouse Management System

Rocla WMS is a software package for management of goods and material flows in warehouses and manufacturing. Rocla range of logistics solutions, with automated guided vehicles and warehouse trucks as key elements for material movement. The focus of the application is on automated material handling systems for paper reels and various palletised goods.

The objective of the Rocla WMS is efficiency in the customer’s intra logistics operations as evaluated from the perspective of several customer interest groups, such as floor-level users, the management, company shareholders, and end customers. The outcome is concrete benefits, including economic savings for customers.

Rocla's WMS controls locations, product placement, and transport resources; tracks the movement of products and materials; and maintains up-to-date inventories. It can easily be integrated into existing control systems and can be tailored for diverse customer needs through dynamic and scalable system design.

For any planned WMS, the feasibility of the objectives is a checklist item and prime decision point, especially in the case of a new facility. We can aid in the early evaluation stage by providing data for a feasibility study and in arranging reference visits. Feasibility is always evaluated for a complete system in a customer application, not for the WMS product in isolation.