Rocla Route Optimizer: game-changing innovation increases material handling efficiency up to 38 %

 Rocla Route Optimizer is a revolutionary software innovation, transforming the world of AGVs. This unique, patent pending solution changes the rules of the game. The solution optimizes the routes AGVs use in customer sites so that traffic flow is always smooth without interruptions.

For customers this means improved efficiency and reliability in their logistic process. Flexibility increases tremendously thanks to new solution: you can increase transportation capacity in existing systems, which reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) of the vehicles. It is also easy to add or reduce vehicles in your operation. The ultimate transport capacity can easily grow by 50 %.

Since Rocla route optimizer dynamically finds the fastest routes for each AGV, there is no need for manual traffic rules anymore. You can say goodbye to traffic jams. Software’s game-changing ability to make instant decisions on better routes enables constant operation of the vehicles. As a result, you need fewer AGVs for a given task and achieve savings in both loaded and empty driving. The AGVs do more but drive less.

This results in improved system reliability. With the new Rocla route optimizer software the design and ramp up of a new system is much easier and faster to accomplish. Also in existing systems layout changes and commissioning become uncomplicated.

More savings can be achieved with Rocla’s intelligent energy management. By optimizing battery usage it also ensures there is always enough battery capacity in use. This extends the battery life, which further reduces customer’s TCO.


Rocla Route Optimizer brochure