AGV Types

Rocla Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are durable, flexible, and modular solution with short delivery and fast payback times. They are based on proven technology familiar from warehouse trucks designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe Oy under various brand names.

The vehicles navigate automatically and operate without drivers. As part of customers' production and intra logistics, they are used to improve the performance of production and warehousing. Through automation, impressive cost savings can be achieved, especially in shift work and in longer transfers. Personnel can devote their time to more demanding and pleasant tasks instead of monotonous, routine transfers. Also, using automation increases the safety of work premises.

Below you can see our vehicle selection tool, which helps you select the best AGV solution for your specific needs. You can also download our product selection chart to get an overview of our AGV offering.

AGV vehicle chart

AGV Selector

Reach Mast AGV

Rocla ART Automated Reach Truck is a multipurpose solution that is especially suitable for large warehousing operations.

Low lift AGV

The Rocla ATX16 is a versatile floor-to-floor model for picking and transporting pallets over longer distances within a process.

Fork Over Lift AGV

The Rocla ATX12 is an automated truck and is for standard pallet handling and transferring operations with a lifting height of 1,700 mm.

Counterbalance AGV

The Counterbalance AGV is optimal in use of storage floor space or for push-back and drive-in racks in pallet transportation and warehousing applications.

Straddle AGV

This forklift is suitable for handling pallets and customer-specific loads in the distribution and manufacturing sector and in all industries that handle pallets and have related transportation needs.

Very Narrow Aisle with Tri-Lateral Head

This VNA AGV is equipped with a turret head for tri-lateral turning of the load forks. The turret head forks handle pallet loads in three directions: to each side and directly backward.

Very Narrow Aisle with Telescopic Forks

This VNA AGV is equipped with telescopic load handling forks. The telescopic forks handle pallet loads in racks to both sides of the vehicle symmetrically.

Pulp Bale Clamp

This solution is ideal for automated transport and warehousing of pulp bales at pulp mills, distribution warehouses, and paper and board mills.

Reel Clamp

For efficient and reliable reel handling, Rocla offers solutions to the paper, packaging, and printing industries, in addition to tissue and plastic reel handling.

Reel Fork

For efficient and reliable reel handling, Rocla offers solutions to the paper, packaging, and printing industries in addition to those performing tissue and plastic reel handling.

AWT Conveyor

The Rocla conveyor AGV is excellent for expanding the functionality of conveyor systems. It operates as an unfixed conveyor that is able to serve several fixed conveyors.

AGV Applications

AGVs are used in diverse applications to boost process performance.