Rocla FleetController – next generation software for AGVs

Combining efficiency with ease of use, FleetController is a system software solution for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). It connects with your WMS (Warehouse Management System), and keeps the fleet running by automatically optimizing the orders and routes of your material flow. With Dashboard, the graphic user interface, you can monitor, manage and maintain your AGV fleet.

FleetController: flexible platform, easy integration

FleetController  offers  one  platform  that  connects  all  components  needed  to run and manage efficient  AGV  operations.  It integrates with the warehouse management system and manages the intra-logistic transports.

As a fully automated system, it will run on its own. A set of optimization algorithms ensure, that you get the maximum capacity out of your fleet. Through continuous optimization, the orders and routes are being computed for fluent, efficient traffic flow at all times.

Dashboard: real-time view of your fleet

FleetController  comes  with  a  Dashboard,  a  novel browser-based tool  for  monitoring,  optimizing,  and problem-solving  AGV  operations.  Your personnel will have  more  information  about  the  real-time  and  recent  operations  of  the  fleet, and tools to manage orders and vehicles. 

Ideally, the AGV fleet manages itself. However, should the need arise, the Dashboard is only one browser-window away.

The Dashboard automatically flags and locates events requiring operator attention. Dashboard connects with the cloud, backing up your data and allowing predictive and corrective remote diagnostics with Rocla support.

Easy integration to your existing systems

With the FleetController architecture, the integration is light and straightforward.  This  means  savings  of  time  and  money  in  system  implementation  and  modernization. We operate using a REST interface between the Warehouse Management System and FleetController – a well-known, established way to connect two systems.


FleetController architecture


Under the hood: optimization

Getting the maximum capacity out of any given setup is up to how smart the system is in allocating orders and optimizing the traffic.

As part of the modular system software design, there are layers of algorithms that optimize the orders and routes. In FleetController, the Order Optimizer and Route Optimizer algorithms are proprietary and designed in-house, based on decades of experience in automation. They automatically compute how orders are allocated and executed – meaning, which AGV should do what, when and where.

Continuous computing enables the system to make optimal choices at all times. They take into account the routing plans over time, and keep the system free of traffic jams and deadlocks.