AGV Software

Rocla FleetController – next generation software for AGVs

Combining efficiency with ease of use, FleetController is a system software solution for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). It connects with your WMS (Warehouse Management System), and keeps the fleet running by automatically optimizing the orders and routes of your material flow. With Dashboard, the graphic user interface, you can monitor, manage and maintain your AGV fleet.

Rocla Warehouse Management System

Rocla WMS is a software package for management of goods and material flows in warehouses and manufacturing. Rocla range of logistics solutions, with automated guided vehicles and warehouse trucks as key elements for material movement. The focus of the application is on automated material handling systems for paper reels and various palletised goods.

Rocla Route Optimizer: game-changing innovation increases material handling efficiency up to 38 %

 Rocla Route Optimizer is a revolutionary software innovation, transforming the world of AGVs. This unique, patent pending solution changes the rules of the game. The solution optimizes the routes AGVs use in customer sites so that traffic flow is always smooth without interruptions.

Rocla PalletFinder

Rocla PalletFinder improves load handling precision and reduces the risk of load handling errors, thereby improving the overall safety situation in load handling areas. PalletFinder provides an AGV with eyesight comparable to human-like vision. It measures the exact location of a pallet and also checks if the delivery location is occupied. It enables cost-effective use of automation also in special customer processes. 

The Control System

The control system is an essential part of the automated guided vehicle system, with the main task being to control the AGVs’ traffic flow.