AGV system audit

Rocla system audit is created to support customers. During the audit an experienced Rocla technician will inspect customer’s current AGV system. As a result from the audit, customer receives valuable information of the system’s current condition and possible future challenges.

Rocla audit concentrates to following items:

  1. Safety

    a. Inspection of vehicle’s safety equipment

    b. Compare the safety level to modern standards

  2. Condition

    a. Inspection of vehicle condition and system equipment condition

  3. Availability

    a. Component availability will be checked

    b. Recommendation how to replace obsolete components will be given

  4. Support

    a. Software versions are checked and support analyzed

  5. Optimization / weak spots

    a. Rocla technician will analyze together with customer if there are weak spots or room for improvement

  6. Maintenance procedures

    a. Current maintenance procedures are inspected and recommendations given

  7. Other

    a. If customer has other concerns, Rocla is happy to assists any way needed

System audit step by step


Rocla technician collects all data available from customer's AGV system in Rocla database.


A question form is sent to customer. The form includes detailed questions concerning customer's AGVs and their current maintenance procedures. Customer can also let Rocla know if they have any concerns regarding the system. This way the technician is well prepared for the site visit.

On site audit

An experienced Rocla technician goes through planned list of tasks on site.

Analyzing the data

All collected data is analyzed and final report is given.

Final report

Customer gets a report which consists of information about the condition and possible recommendations for further actions.

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