AGV Services

Our goal is to provide our customers with lifetime service support tailored to their specific operation locations and needs.

Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive range of services to support our customers from the first minute of operation to complete overhauls after decades of work.

Our extensive experience facilitates the design of service agreements that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. This ensures the most cost-effective maintenance plan and maximum running time for the customers’ AGV systems – vital objectives for achieving maximum profitability – and enables our customers to concentrate on their core competencies.

• We are reliable and professional, with decades of experience

• Our engineers are available 24/7

• We are always local, thanks to our extensive service network

• A lifetime service history is kept for all of our projects

Planned maintenance – key points

• Scheduled on-site condition checks 2–6 times per year

• Maintenance performed partially on the basis of checks’ results and partly to a maintenance schedule

• Prevention of downtime caused by predictable failures (decreases of 60–80%)

• Cost savings:

• Less unplanned maintenance

• Prevention of greater damage

• More system uptime

Installation audit to maintain safety and performance for decades

• Safety inspection (to AGV EN standards)

• Avoidance of capacity bottlenecks

• Assessment and elimination of disturbances in operation

• Addressing of weak spots and high maintenance needs

• Reports with recommendations, covering the potential of new solutions and benefits vs. costs

Rocla 24/7 AGV Help desk

We at Rocla AGV are invested in providing the best support possible for our customer. For this we provide our customers with 24/7 professional technical support.

AGV system audit

AGV system audit is created to support customers. During the audit an experienced Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe technician will inspect customer’s current AGV system. As a result from the audit, customer receives valuable information of the system’s current condition and possible future challenges.