Reelstand and converting

Application is widely used in printing and converting processes. Paper reels are transported accurately and gently under control of automation.


  • Damage free transport
  • Flexibility in reel sequence
  • Optimal use of floor space
  • Total process control

Description of the application

AGV picks the reel from conveyor, trolley, racking, floor warehouse or similar. Reel is automatically delivered to process position, for example trolley at reelstand. AGV can be equipped with adjustable reel forks for ensuring web break free handling of diameters with wide variation, for example when partially used reel is returned. Rocla AGV design allows transport of pre-prepared reels without damage to web. Automatic reelstands can operate without personnel and preparing of reels can be executed for example in possible unwrapping station.

Reel can be positioned with center, leading edge or trailing edge. It is possible to transport unwrapped reels with no damages at all. This will save process costs both in packaging and in terms of waste. Typically same AGV can also take care of waste container handling depending of container and process design.

AGV drives into process position when position is free for joining and status of the load is known. This can be communicated between systems with handshake signals. Those can be traditionally wired or also arranged with computer interfaces. Handshake improves safety and decreases downtime of process. Transport tasks can be trigged automatically for both push-and pull processes. Handshake and order triggering shall be planned case by case but typically this application has interface to ERP/MES/WMS.

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