Reel Block Storage

Rocla Reel Block Storage brings state-of-the-art automatic warehouse for paper and tissue reels for everybody handling reels in warehouse.


  • No damages to reels
  • Up to date inventory
  • No changes required to facility

The Rocla Reel Block Storage is highly effective option for automatic reel warehouse. In typical applications the warehouse is either working as:

  • intermediate warehouse between paper machine and converting or
  • in printing plants as paper warehouse prior to printers.
  • However, there are no such limitations for the applications of the Rocla Reel Block Storage.

Rocla system decides the best location for the reel depending on the agreed specifications, like grade, quality, weight, length, width etc.

Pick up from conveyors or floor positions. From warehouse to splitters, converting, preparation, dispatch area, etc. The AGVs can even rotate and tilt the reels thus expanding the possibilities of the system.

The AGVs are equipped with technology that makes the stacking and transportation of the reels very safe and reliable. The system is fully automatic and requires no operators on daily operations.

If you are wondering how to store your reels and want to have care-free moments in your life, contact us today!