Pallet Stack Replenishment

The Rocla AGVs can be used to replenish the pallet stacks or single pallets to production. By automating the empty pallet transports valuable personnel time is released to more demanding processes.


  • Releases personnel from boring routine tasks
  • Ensures the continuous operation of production
  • Enhances the functionality and payback of the Rocla AGV system

Description of the application

The pallet stack replenishment is done automatically by Rocla AGV. The signal is received from production to replenish the pallets for the production machines. The replenishment is done in Just-In-Time ( JIT) basis. Usually the replenishment task is started when there are one or two pallets left in the pallet magazine. The procedure is:

  1. AGV system receives request for replenishment
  2. AGV picks up stack of empty pallets from warehouse
  3. AGV approaches the unloading position and has hand shake signals with the machinery
  4. AGV unloads the stack and continues to fulfill next task

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