Pallet Gravity Flow Racking

Excellent solution for highly effective operations utilizes gravity flow racking and AGVs. This solution can be used as intermediate storage in production, for packing material or from storage to shipping buffer. Applications are numerous.


  • Up to 60% less floor space compared to traditional racks
  • Good for high number of goods with limited number of SKUs
  • First-In-First-Out (FIFO) operations

The gravity flow racks are operated automatically with Rocla AGVs. The pallets are handled from the short side. There are two load handling positions for each lane: loading and unloading. The AGV loads the pallet to the racks and the pallet rolls down on the lane. The pallets roll on conveyors. On unloading the AGV takes the first pallet and the following pallets roll down to the picking position one by one.

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