Order Picking

Order picking with help of AGV utilizes operators efforts only to value adding work, picking. Moving of truck to new pick location and transport from picking area to for example assembly line, wrapping or dispatching area can be executed automatically.


  • Picker is used only for value adding operations
  • System functions support picking process
  • Easy to integrate with IT systems

Description of the application

Order picking is widely used method in logistics of consumer goods and also in manufacturing industry. AGV system supports picking process by releasing picker from climbing in and out and driving forklift between picking positions. Also long distance movements to pre- and post picking positions are automatically executed whilst picker can continue with next order. Rocla AGV helps picker by proceeding to optimal stopping position for current picks. AGV can also have WMS/pick list computer attached from where picker can control picking process and use related information. Ergonomy is supported with automatic height control of picking platform during the process.


Rocla AGV supported order picking improves ergonomy and productivity and decreases errors in picking. AGV movements are synchronized with picking process. This also supports minimal inventory buffers when pick locations can be served synchronized with picking and just-on-time (JOT).

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