Conveyor Pick-up / Drop-off

This is very typical application where goods are transported between industrial processes with conveyor interface. Improved safety and better controllability are achieved by automating logistics between processes.


  • Possibility to decrease buffers
  • No stationary conveyors blocking floor space
  • More freedom in positioning processes in layout

Description of the application

Whenever there are repetitive transport tasks between process locations for example warehouse and conveyors are used to hand over or receive goods, AGV application is worth of considering. Even in simplest point to point application benefits can be remarkable.

Typically AGV drives into conveyor position when conveyor is free for joining and status of the load is known. This can be communicated between systems with handshake signals. Those can be traditionally wired or also arranged with computer interfaces. Handshake improves safety and decreases downtime of process. Transport tasks can be trigged automatically for both push-and pull processes. Handshake and order triggering shall be planned case by case.

Normally this kind of application can be implemented to any existing conveyor interface with minor modifications, if any. Conveyor can be for example of roller, chain or slat type and can be motorized or gravity driven. It is also possible to replace lengthy conveyors with AGV application and free floor space for other use, like crossing traffic.

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