AGV Applications

AGVs are used in diverse applications to boost process performance.

AGVs are used in diverse applications to boost process performance.

Conveyor Pick-up / Drop-off

This is very typical application where goods are transported between industrial processes with conveyor interface. Improved safety and better controllability are achieved by automating logistics between processes.

Order Picking

Order picking with help of AGV utilizes operators efforts only to value adding work, picking. Moving of truck to new pick location and transport from picking area to for example assembly line, wrapping or dispatching area can be executed automatically.

Pallet Block Storage

Application is widely used in shipping area processes, intermediate storage within production or goods receiving. Pallets are placed on floor to buffer lines and can be also stacked provided pallets are stackable.

Pallet Drive-in Racking

This application is great for storing high number of pallets in small area. The automatic operation results in high efficiency and safety.

Pallet Gravity Flow Racking

Excellent solution for highly effective operations utilizes gravity flow racking and AGVs. This solution can be used as intermediate storage in production, for packing material or from storage to shipping buffer. Applications are numerous.

Pallet Push-Back Racking

Excellent solution for highly effective operations utilizes push-back racks and AGVs.

Pallet Racking

Rocla AGVs are robust way to operate to various rack types. The racks are typically operated automatically and can be operated also with traditional fork lifts.

Pallet Stack Replenishment

The Rocla AGVs can be used to replenish the pallet stacks or single pallets to production. By automating the empty pallet transports valuable personnel time is released to more demanding processes.

Pallet VNA

Several customers in different industries are enjoying of the Rocla delivered automatic very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouses. The advantage of the system is high flexibility in the process.

Reel Block Storage

Rocla Reel Block Storage brings state-of-the-art automatic warehouse for paper and tissue reels for everybody handling reels in warehouse.

Reelstand and converting

Application is widely used in printing and converting processes. Paper reels are transported accurately and gently under control of automation.