Automation intelligence since 1983

Rocla Oy has grown considerably in its 70 years of operation and has become a major developer and manufacturer of electric warehouse trucks and forklifts and of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Analysing and understanding customer processes and developing them further is what continues to set Rocla apart from the competition.

Rocla began offering automation solutions to clients back in 1983. So far, Rocla has delivered over 8,000 AGVs, worldwide, with an emphasis on warehouse and logistics operations, production, the paper industry, and foods and beverages. First AGV, innovated by young engineers at Rocla, was designed and manufactured for Kone Corporation in Finland

After the first successful AGV project Rocla’s new vehicles helped to build also Talbot cars manufactured in auto factory in Finland. In the 1980s many vehicles were also delivered to Sweden, and by 1990s export of Rocla’s automated solutions had expanded to other European countries. AGV business unit was called Rocla Robotruck with many dedicated automation experts

First AGVs used wire navigation, whereas in the 1990s laser guided vehicles started to appear. Laser navigation is easier to install and update with no need to cut the floor. Nowadays laser navigation is the most common navigation method used in AGVs.