Rocla’s new software innovation Rocla route optimizer increases your material handling efficiency and flexibility. The revolutionary patent pending solution enables the faster and easier ramp up of a new system, and increases the transport capacity in existing systems. With Rocla route optimizer you can reduce the total cost of ownership of your AGVs.
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Success stories
Case: Planmeca

The AGV system used by Planmeca consists of two Rocla AWT-VNA AGVs supported by the Rocla MetRo warehouse management system (WMS). Rocla has tailored the AGVs to meet Planmeca’s needs, for example by applying advanced mast technology.

Case: Green Bay Packaging

Acting as a design-integrator, Rocla’s partner Hörmann Logistik engineered the impressive high-bay warehouse on site; including conveyor and handling system, and two different AGV systems supplied by Rocla. Safe transportation and handling of different load units, with individual weights of up to 5 tons, name just a couple of the particular challenges of this project.

Case: Valio Lapinlahti

At the warehouse there are 3 Rocla’s automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile racking system in place, which saves a lot of space. Mobile racks also enable easy access of every pallet. At the moment Valio has 2514 pallet places weighing totally 3 million kilos at this factory. There are two shifts working from Monday to Friday.

Case: Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper

Rocla’s AGV system is responsible for unloading the conveyor belts for the wrapped sheet pallets, and for transportation of these pallets to the loading ramp that is being used for both internal and external trailer system. The capacity of this sheet department is 35 pallets per hour, from the conveyor belt to the storage area and finally into the loading ramp.

Case: Valio Haapavesi

Number 1 is an Automated Guided Vehicle designed and manufactured by Rocla who have been developing AGVs for more than 30 years. The key difference is Number 1, alongside its factory partner, Number 2, has no human operator.

Case: Ricoh

Ricoh’s thermal paper production process is automated with Rocla AGVs and warehouse management system (WMS). Clamp and fork AGVs take care of all material flow: AGVs transport raw material paper reels and pallets from arrival point to the production machines, from machines into the curing room, then into an intermediate stock and finally into loading area.

Case: IDO & Rocla route optimizer

IDO was chosen as a pilot project for Rocla's new innovation Rocla route optimizer. With the new software IDO was able to increase capacity with 15 %.

Case: Skanlog

In Norway Skanlog has 20 Rocla AGVs handling the floor-to-floor pallet transportations of beverages. The huge warehouse is fully automated with 30 000 pallet places. Rocla AGVs are transporting beverages in to scaling and automated turntables to be stored in automated warehouse and out for shipping. Rocla AGVs were chosen to replace an older AGV system by another manufacturer.

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