Rocla’s new software innovation Rocla route optimizer increases your material handling efficiency and flexibility. The revolutionary patent pending solution enables the faster and easier ramp up of a new system, and increases the transport capacity in existing systems. With Rocla route optimizer you can reduce the total cost of ownership of your AGVs.
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Success stories
Case: Planmeca

The AGV system used by Planmeca consists of two Rocla AWT-VNA AGVs supported by the Rocla MetRo warehouse management...

Case: Green Bay Packaging

Acting as a design-integrator, Rocla’s partner Hörmann Logistik engineered the impressive high-bay warehouse on site...

Case: Valio Lapinlahti

At the warehouse there are 3 Rocla’s automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile racking system in place, which...

Case: Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper

Rocla’s AGV system is responsible for unloading the conveyor belts for the wrapped sheet pallets, and for...

Case: Valio Haapavesi

Number 1 is an Automated Guided Vehicle designed and manufactured by Rocla who have been developing AGVs for more...

Case: Ricoh

Ricoh’s thermal paper production process is automated with Rocla AGVs and warehouse management system (WMS).

Case: IDO & Rocla route optimizer

IDO was chosen as a pilot project for Rocla's new innovation Rocla route optimizer.

Case: Skanlog

In Norway Skanlog has 20 Rocla AGVs handling the floor-to-floor pallet transportations of beverages.

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